“I think we can put our differences behind us.  For science.  You monster.” – GLaDOS, Portal 2

Photo Shoot

With Senén Llanos


Located in Columbia University Tunnels

(January 12, 2011)

Senen GLaDOS 2

Senen GLaDOS 3

Senen GLaDOS 1

Photo Shoot

With Karina Antigua


Located in New York City Financial District

(January 10, 2011)

11 thoughts on “GLaDOS

  1. That’s a really creative way of representing GLaDOS. Keep up the great work and looking forward to future cosplays.

  2. Very very cool, excellent work on the costume, and also by the photographer but I do have to complain that the pictures are a little small they could make great wallpapers if they where a little higher resolution. Throw a watermark on there if necessary but I would love Karina 1&9 in my rotation of cosplay wallpapers. Thank you and keep it up!

  3. Absolutely stunning work; a truely artistically interpreted design, well done! I love the dress and helm/mask, but the really nifty bit (I find) is the detail on the “joints” near your shoulders and elbows-how did you accomplish that effect? (if you don’t mind my asking)
    Again, well done.

  4. Wow amazing cosplay 😀 found out about your blog from the escapist, you deserve more fans.

    Your cosplay kind of reminds me of chobits 😛 very awesome

  5. Got to see you at PAX East, awkwardly took a photo of you while you were out a-creepin’ the show floor. Your demeanor makes the costume stand out that much more–best of the show for me! Great job!

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