Yin (Darker Than Black)

“If you feel a certain way, the feeling can become genuine all by accident.” -Hei, Darker Than Black

Yin, Darker Than Black (Note:Placeholder Picture)

After finishing Chii, I was hooked on cosplay and costuming.  I was looking for a simple costume with an interesting character that I could do between classwork.  Yin just seem to fit the bill.  She is actually a doll, or emotionless medium, in Darker Than Black used to track people and events.  She is specifically able to utilize bodies of water for this.  I thought that her character and backstory were particularly interesting.  In any case, I really enjoyed making this costume and it is my most simple one to date, though I did include some subtle details.

Reference Picture

Reference Picture of Yin and Hei, Darker Than Black



I used an original pattern that I made, though I had some difficulty initially in making the dress without a waist seam.  Once I figured out the pattern, though, it was pretty much a piece of cake.  I made a lining for the dress as well and sewed on one layer of light tulle to poof out the dress a little bit.  Instead of the plain black triangle trim around the hem of the dress, I used a lovely pointed lace.  The lace was actually the most expensive part of the costume, but it worked out very well.  I also sewed on some black cording around the collar of the dress for a touch of detail.  For fabric, I used a medium weight sort of cotton weave for the purple and black lining.


I patterned the coat out myself and used a fabric that was slightly heavier than the dress.  I used some of the left over lace for the triangle points around the collar and did similar detail to the collar edge along the seam between the collar of the coat and the main body.


I purchased a silver 28″ wavy wig and styled it with a simple claw clip up into a pony tail.  As an extra detail, I obtained purple contacts, which helped to portray her uncanny emotionless state.

Events and Publications:

Worn at Genericon 2011 held at RPI, Troy, NY

6 thoughts on “Yin (Darker Than Black)

  1. Hello, I love your Yin cosplay! I am planning on doing on later this year as well.. What is the wig that you used for her? It seems pretty good for Yin.

  2. Hi! I love your cosplay. I am wanting to do a Yin cosplay. I was researching and found your post. Thought maybe you could help. I have a few questions.

    1. How long did it take you to make yours?
    2. Where did you buy purple contacts at?
    3. Do you have any advice to give? I’ve never actually made a cosplay before. I don’t even have experience sewing. But I really want to get into doing this sort of stuff.
    4. How much did it cost you? If you don’t mind me asking!

    • Hi! No problem!

      It took me maybe about 2-3 weeks to actually make, but that was because I had college classes and work going on.
      I recommend using Pinkyparadise.com. Just look up purple contact colors. I think I used the G&G MX21 Violet.
      As for advice, have fun with it. For me, a lot of the fun comes through the research and puzzle aspect and then seeing it come together and making people happy. ^_^

      For cost, the most expensive part of the costume was actually the triangle lace trim at the bottom of the dress and the collar. It was something like 30-40 for the lace. :-/
      A lot of the cost is determined by what materials you feel would work best and can afford. I used a fairly plain purple cotton. I also had a lining and a little bit of tulle sewn onto the lining for a little bit of added poof, but stuff like that is up to you. I already had the shoes, but when I originally bought those shoes, I found them at a thrift store. Thrift stores are your friend. ^_^

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. I was wondering if by chance you still have the pattern that you used to make the dress? And did you sew in a zipper by chance?

    • I don’t think I still have the dress pattern. I basically pulled the pattern from a different dress I already owned and modified it to create a longer skirt circumference. The big thing about the pattern is that there is no horizontal waist seam. I did include a hidden zipper between the two side panels, so it zips up the side under my arm.

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