Xianghua (Soul Calibur, 3rd Costume)

“Justice will prevail! Just kidding!” – Xianghua, Soul Calibur

Back Xianghua, Soul Calibur (Note: Placeholder Picture)

Front Xianghua, Soul Calibur (Note: Placeholder Picture)

  I must say that this was a costume that I had wanted to do since I was quite young, actually.  My brother had worked in Hong Kong for a while after he graduated from college and brought a Sega Dreamcast gaming system back with him along with the first Soul Calibur game.  We spent hours just scrimmaging against each other and Xianghua was definitely my favorite character.  Maybe it was because we were both young and short, but that aside, I always absolutely loved her third costume the most and she has a beautiful dance-like fighting style.

That being said, once I started into making costumes, I knew that I simply had to make her outfit!  Although there are soon to be 5 versions of Soul Calibur, I still decided to go back to the first one out of sheer love of the original game.  I was, and still am, of course, worried that I do not look remotely Asian and hardly anyone recognizes her original costume set and design, but I think it still works out okay and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it.  The sewing on this costume took me a solid month to complete between classwork because of all of the details and everything was edged in gold!

Reference Picture

(It is very hard to find an image of her 3rd costume from the first Soul Calibur!)

Reference Picture of Xianghua, Soul Calibur



All of the fabrics I used for the costume were pretty much a costume satin to give a nice silk-like sheen.  I used a pair of pants to draw out a pattern for the shorts.  I lined the inside of all three, and the colored areas were sewn on top of the base white fabric.  As I mentioned earlier, everything was edged with a swirly kind of gold cording.  Some of the edging, like on the coat, also required black satin ribbon edging underneath the gold cording.

I am probably most proud of how the butterfly on the back of the coat came out.  each of the gold “dots” were thin gold cord that I sewed into swirls.


The sword was the first weapon that I had made.  I ended up using foam core for pretty much the entire thing, which made it fairly delicate, especially the blade, as it had no support.  It worked out alright, though, and made it through 3 days of crowds just fine.  I ended up making the tassel on my own with embroidery thread and bound the hilt with blue fabric and stretch gold cording.


I purchased the shoes online and modified them a little bit, like the gold cord edging.  I was lucky to find a pair in the exact color I wanted!  The headband was covered with the same white fabric I used for the coat and shorts and the details were then sewn onto that.  The socks/ankle covers were probably my least  favorite part of the costume as they were very difficult to pull on and off.  I purchased the “Cindy” wig from Amphigory.com: http://www.amphigory.com/wigs_s_cindy.html to give me a little bit of length to play with.

Events and Publications:

Worn at PAX East 2011 in Boston, MA

Won online costume contest run by sitsam.com (http://www.sitsam.com/random/pax-east-2011-cosplay-contest-winner/).

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