Sejuani (League of Legends, Classic Skin)

“You make excellent boar food” – Sejuani, League of Legends

Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath

Well, it seems as though my costumes somehow keep on getting more and more complicated!  This one took me three months of work total (2 months of which were for the boar).  I came up with the idea to create Sejuani immediately after debuting Orianna at PAX East.  I managed to convince my boyfriend in the car ride back home to help me out by being the boar.  I’m glad to say that we are both very happy with the results of our efforts.

As to why I chose to make Sejuani and her boar, Bristle, I think that she is a really fun character to play in the game, plus, she poses a huge construction and puzzle challenge , which I love.

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Sejuani, The Winter’s Wrath



The shield was successive layers of plywood bent and secured to a curve.

The mace part of the morning star was also made of wood.  The flares and cross hilt were accentuated/sculpted with paper clay.  The hilt is wrapped in leather and tacked in place.  The star has a central wooden post and wire spokes that are secured to a wire mesh base that is beneath all of the opaque, silver components.

The helmet, shoulder armor, and belt were all made of wonderflex.

The bracer was two pieces of leather with some wonderflex sandwiched between them to give it some more stiffness.

The top was made of three different colors of leather.  All leather components were hand stitched.

The shoes were custom made by me.  I butchered a pair of flats for the soles and then stitched the bottom suede leather to it.  There is a zipper along the back of the boot and cosmetic leather lacing/wrapping that is secured towards the top of the boot.

All of the glowing/blue components (horns, star, shoulder armor, and shield) were made the same way.  I had a sheet of clear plastic and cut out pieces and constructed each part like a puzzle.  The pieces are glued together with hot glue.  Each of these components are hollow to allow for LED installation later.  I then used two shades of blue enamel to make the plastic translucent.  There is also wax paper in each part to help distribute an even glow from the LEDs.  There are a total of 18-20 LEDs in this costume.


I essentially constructed a quad suit, which is where one person can simulate a four legged creature by utilizing all four limbs.  To do this, stilts are required for the front feet.  I used 4 inch diameter pvc pipe with a wooden grip inside to do this.  I also slanted the bottom of the stilts a bit to allow for slightly better weight distribution, especially for when I was on Bristle’s back.  There is also a rubber sole on the bottom to minimize the risk of slipping.

For the body, I found an old long sleeve shirt and pants and sewed them together into an inner lining/jump suit.  The padding is all upholstery foam sculpted with scissors and sewn onto the lining.  Everything was then covered in fur.

The feet/hooves were carved out of wood, sanded down, and painted.  They are attached to the stilts and hind shoes with rope to allow for some flexibility while walking.  There is also some further foam padding to help establish a bulkier foot shape.

The head was carved out of a layered block of insulation foam with a dremel tool and then sanded down a bit.  The tusks, “ears” and bottom jaw were carved separately and then hot glued on after.  The fur was glued on with hot glue.  Exposed parts were coated in “Crystal Clear” resin, then painted and finished with modge podge.  The teeth were molded from friendly plastic and the eyes were constructed in the same way as all of the other glowing blue areas of the costume.  The head was eventually secured with a bike helmet and a harness down the back to a belt to alleviate neck strain.

I was very lucky to find the saddle and saddle bags in the top of a barn.  The saddle is secured with nylon straps through the suit.  The cosmetic harness was made of faux leather.

For cooling systems, there are two computer fans and a camel back installed for hydration.  We also used ice packs and frequent rest breaks.  I would like to readdress the heat issue before the next event, if I can.  Perhaps we will invest in a cooling vest…


Debuted at PAX PRIME 2012 on 8/31 and 9/2

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Video of the costume in action on 9/2:

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