Orianna (League of Legends, Classic Skin)

“I know what makes them tick.  I know how to make the ticking stop.” – Orianna, League of Legends

This costume is by far the one that took the longest time to complete so far.  It took about 6 months to create and there are still some modifications and improvements that I would like to do.  I decided to undertake this costume after New York Comic Con ’11.  I have also began playing League of Legends around that time and Orianna is definitely my favorite champion in the game.  I love her character design and development.

Reference Picture

Orianna, Lady of Clockwork


The majority of the armor was made from Wonderflex and lined with craft foam.  The detail work and smoothing of curves on the chest piece was done with Friendly Plastic.

The key has a plywood base and harness.  The key itself was made of pvc pipe and Friendly plastic and it can actually turn.

The joints were carved foam covered in gold spandex.

The ball was made by paper mache over a 20″ diameter beech ball which was then cut in half.  These pieces were then covered in Wonderflex.  Since Wonderflex does not adapt to curves very well, it was smoothed out and detailed with friendly plastic.   There is a wire support inside to keep the two halves apart.  There is also fishing line rigged up from the ball to the hands to make it “float” and there is EL wire for the lighting.


Worn at: PAX EAST, April 6, 2012

PAX Prime, September 1, 2012

Featured in League of Legends Summoner Showcase #83: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voeXELu0_ig

Picture included in a gallery on Kotaku.com: http://kotaku.com/5899943/the-cosplay-of-pax-east-day-one/gallery/1?comment=48666692

Featured on Kotaku.com: http://kotaku.com/5943747/league-of-legends-cosplay-thats-so-good-it-doesnt-look-human

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