Noki (Dogs Bullets and Carnage)

“Big bro and big sis, will you play with us?” – Luki and Noki, Dogs Bullets and Carnage

Luki and Noki

Luki on right, Noki on left

My friend and I decided that we should do a paired costume that would be fairly simple to make and fun to play with, so we decided that she would be Luki (in black) and I would be Noki (in pink) from the manga, Dogs Bullets and Carnage.  Luki and Noki are a set of twin bounty hunter that are reverse images of each other, right down to their hetero-chromatic eyes (one yellow and one black).  Luki uses a set of knives while Noki uses a machine gun.  Overall, this costume is so very fuzzy and warm!  So very comfy!  I really enjoyed making this simple, low key costume and had a blast wearing it.

Reference Picture

Reference Picture of Luki and Noki, Dogs Bullets and Carnage



I made a modified dress pattern for the right seam lines.  I used flannel for the pink and long, straight black faux fur for the edging.  Overall, the dress was quite simple to put together.  Additionally, I was able to incorporate pockets!

The hat was also very simple.  I just cut out two identical rectangles and then cut a split up the middle for the two “ears”.


The gun was mostly made of foam core, clay, and toilet paper rolls.  I carved out the form I needed and then applied many coats of modge podge over the clay that helped to form the raised details.  I still had issues with cracking, though.  Overall, though, the gun came out quite nicely.  It was fairly light and fit inside my sleeve.


The tights were originally plain hot pink.  I then painted black stripes on them with Acrylic paint while I wore them.  The shoes were made by forming a boot cover over base shoes.  The shoes are probably the part that I would like to redo the most at this point in time.  The wig was found by my costuming partner on Ebay.  We also purchased a set of yellow and black contacts and then split them between us.

Events and Publications:

Worn on October 16th at New York Comic Con 2011

Worn on March 4th at Genericon 2012

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