Chii (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, CLAMP Splash Art)

“Forever, always, I want to be with you.” – Chii, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Chii, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Note: Placeholder Picture)

This costume was my very first, and is very dear to my heart.  I decided to do some version of Chii because many of my friends mentioned that I had the face and figure to pull her off.  I was simply at a loss, initially, about which of her outfits I should attempt, as I wanted to do one that was recognizable yet eye catching and more unique.  Then I saw the splash art for Chii’s Tsubasa version and was sold on the spot.  I absolutely loved how ethereal she seemed and I wanted to recreate it.

Reference Picture

Reference Picture from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Splash Art



The dress was actually only the second dress I had ever made.  I used a simple corset pattern for the bodice with plastic boning and modified the top line.  The skirt consists of two skirts, one about an inch longer than the other.  I used a simple double circle skirt pattern and cut the skirts afterward to be longer in the back than in the front.  The fabric is a white bridal polyester satin.

I then came up against a sudden hitch in the dress, as I needed to dye the bottom of the skirt to a blue gradient, but polyester is very hard to dye.  I looked all over and finally found a tutorialpost on  ( and it worked!  I got the kind of bubbly, watery-like gradient that I wanted!


Unlike quite a few people I’ve seen who have done this costume, I made the sheer tails separate from the dress.  I used an original pattern fitted to myself.  I made the tails come down only to about my ankles for maneuverability, as eventually, I would have a whole lot of crystals hanging off of me.  I used a fairly stiff bridal veil translucent fabric for the tails so that they would hold some sort of shape  on their own.


There are 150 glass chandelier crystals in total hanging off of my body for this costume.  My biggest hurdle for the crystals was actually the star/snowflakes at the wrists, neck, ankle, etc.  I had initially tried resin casting, but found that I wasn’t quite able to get the consistency that I wanted.  The crystals themselves are hung on fishing line with smaller clear beads.  I had gaps between each cluster of beads and crystal to help make the crystals appear to be floating.  I attached the crystal strands that encircle her body to the wrists, again, to help make them look like they are floating in water and added in a crystal cluster hair clip that attaches to the earring for the same reason.  I also had to connect the garter crystal strand to the ankle for mobility’s sake.

After all of the crystals were in place, I painted each of them (not the beads, though) with one layer of blue glass glaze.  This really helped to make them visible within the white of the costume.


Ears carved from Styrofoam and covered with fabric.  They are then attached to an elastic band and are put on under the wig.

There are short bloomers! (For modesty’s sake.)

Wig was “Lavishly Wild” from

Events and Publications

Worn at Genericon 2011 held at RPI, Troy, NY

Won Intermediate Award in Costume Contest at Genericon 2011

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