To date, I have focused on recreating characters from games and television series that I particularly enjoy and find interesting.  I have tried to utilize a variety of crafting skills to bring out the best and most accurate character I can.  I also try to expand my skill set as I attempt each subsequent character, though living in a small apartment, unfortunately, limits some of what I can do.

So far, sewing and patterning are by far the most commonly used skills, but I have also worked with clay, paint, wire, paper mache, plaster casting, and beading.  I  have also worked with wood, bone and leather in the past, though I have not had the opportunity to incorporate those skills in a  costume project as of yet.  Recently, I have begun expanding into working with easily molded plastics, such as wonderflex, pvc, and friendly plastic.  I would also like to expand more into working with moving parts and more interactive elements and lights.  I am excited and open to learning any new skills out there.

The sub-pages in this category include all of my finished, in progress, and planned costumes.  I will try my best to present and discuss materials and construction details.  Please feel free to leave any comments and ask questions.

Finished Costumes

In Progress

Planned Costumes

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