PAX East 2012

Well, this past weekend was certainly action-packed!

I went down to Boston on Thursday for a mini photo shoot of Orianna with a friend of mine.  It was certainly a good opportunity to do a dry run of putting on and maneuvering in the costume for the next day!

Friday then rolled around and I had a blast walking around in Orianna for the day.  I met so many wonderful people at PAX.  One person started doing the robot and passed it off to me.  Very fun.

I spent about 5-6 hours in Orianna and had a wonderful time meeting people from Riot, the makers and maintainers of League of Legends.  There were also many other amazing costumes there, especially ones of Cassiopeia, Riot Singed, Bloodmoon Akali, and Ahri.  It was certainly a long and fulfilling day, though I can’t say that I was not glad to take Orianna off.

Saturday was spent in GLaDOS.  I had, once again, tons of fun interacting with people.  I believe that one person saw me, stopped, stared, and then ran away.  I also had a blast in a cosplay competition at one of the booths.  I met another GLaDOS there and met up with a couple of other Chells.  It was so great to have a group representation of Portal!

Sunday was my official day of rest, though I could have tried to do some repairs to get Orianna up and running for that day again.  That idea was vetoed, though, as my wonderful assistant/handler/boyfriend wanted to have a low stress day.  This was the day that we really were able to take in all of the sights and demonstrations at the convention.

All in all, PAX East was an amazing experience.  The people were all wonderful and very friendly.  I hope I will be able to make it back next year!

5 thoughts on “PAX East 2012

  1. I was so excited when I saw your Orianna costume – she’s my favorite champ, and you did a fantastic job! I was thinking of working on a Bladecraft Ori cosplay – how did you get the Ball to look so good?

    • Hi! Thank you for your compliment! She’s my favorite champ as well. The ball took quite a lot of time to make sure it was smooth. I used a beech ball then paper-mache over that. I then cut it in half and had quite a puzzle as to how to rig it back together with a gap. There is an inner wire structure to keep the two halves apart and fishing line keeps the tension to stabilize them and keep them together. The ball was then covered in wonderflex then smoothed and detailed with friendly plastic.

      Basically, the ball took a lot of time and attention to detail. Again, thanks a lot! I look forward to seeing your Bladecraft Ori!

  2. I took a picture w/you at PAX East this year in your Orianna costume. Orianna is my favorite champion on LoL and seeing you and your kick ass costume was a highlight to the weekend!

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